Electron Transport

Electron Transport Studies in Biological Molecules with respect to the Science of Ageing


School of Distance Learning, USM
Assoc. Prof. Dr Shukri Sulaiman (PI)
Assoc. Prof. Dr Muhammad Ismail Mohd Ibrahim
School of Biological Sciences, USM
Prof. Dr.  Mohammed Razip Samian

Dr. Isao Watanabe


DNA and its related molecule known as RNA are molecules that play a central role in life and variations in their structures have been implicated in the process of ageing. Electron transport in such biological molecules is an important aspect in the science of ageing. Muon Spin Relaxation (µSR) experimental technique provides a means to study such phenomena at microscopic level where electron motion can be probed. Electrons can move in DNA through either tunnelling or hopping mechanisms.

Damages in DNA would lead to various types of diseases such as cancers and neurological disorders. There is a direct relationship between damages in DNA and ageing. It is anticipated that damages in the DNA would alter the behaviour of electron motion. A systematic study on the electron transport in different forms of perfect and damaged DNA/RNA is essential to understand the effects of damage in DNA/RNA to the topology of electron transport and their relationship to ageing.

Electron Transport

Tunnelling and hopping mechanisms for electron transport in DNA.

This collaborative project synergizes the expertise in the Muon Science Relaxation method at the Advanced Meson Science Laboratory RIKEN and the expertise in Computational Science at the Computational Chemistry and Physics Laboratory USM. RIKEN runs a muon facility at the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory in the UK. This project would produce a new generation of researchers with expertise both in the µSR technique and computational method.