Postdoctoral Fellow Colloquium URICAS 2019

On 8th August 2019, Postdoctoral Fellow Colloquium URICAS 2019 was held in Seminar Room at TOARY Building, Universiti Sains Malaysia. The objective of the colloquium was to provide an opportunity to the postdoctoral fellows working under URICAS project to present their research findings in front of the URICAS principle investigators (PI). The colloquium was started at 10 am with presentation by Dr. Manoj Kumar Lakshmanan from School of Biological Sciences entitled “Development of New Biopolymers for Medical and Therapeutic Applications in Aged Patients”. The second presentation was given by Dr. Mardani Abdul Halim from School of Biological Sciences entitled “The Transcriptome of Ageing”. The colloquium adjourned at 12.30 pm.